“We provide personalized EMS care, relevant EMS training, and specialized EMS equipment for Sports-Med teams.”

Rick Garner – GM, Founder PRO SPORTS EMS, LLC.

About PSE

About our GM, Founder:

PSE was founded by Phoenix Fire Department Captain Paramedic Rick Garner. Rick started the “Sports Paramedic” concept because of the 1990 on court cardiac arrest incident involving Hank Gathers. “After seeing that incident I knew we needed to bring the EMS skill set we used as paramedics in the streets to the courts, fields, and rinks of sporting events. I believed if we could insert EMS into sports, then lives could ultimately be saved.”
Since that time Rick’s managed the game day EMS programs for the NBA Phoenix Suns, NHL Arizona Coyotes, AFL Arizona Rattlers, The Fiesta Bowl, College Football National Championship Games, Top Rank Boxing Events, MMA events, and Arizona State University’s D1 Hockey program.
The next step: After a few seasons of working around professional hockey’s AT’s, we knew we could teach them how to more effectively manage a medical emergency, prior to the arrival of 911 resources. And even better was they wanted to learn how. In the end, this would improve player safety, and could possibly save lives. “It’s been my experience that professional hockey’s AT’s are currently some of the best trained in Emergency Medical Preparedness.”
PSE has since provided specialized EMS training programs for the Professional Hockey Athletic Trainers Society (PHATS), The National Hockey League Team Physician Society (NHLTPS)

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MLB’s Los Angeles Dodgers and Seattle Mariners, the NBA’s Houston Rockets, and Arizona State University’s Sports Medicine Department. “The more Sports-Med teams we can reach the greater chance we have of avoiding another Hank Gathers type incident, and that’s been our goal from the start”

People always ask why does PSE spend so much time with professional hockey? Great question 3 reasons:

1) The potential for serious injury. Think about it, you have great athletes flying around on a sheet of ice carrying sticks and banging into boards with blades on their feet, while a frozen rubber projectile is flying around the ice at 100 mph. The potential for various types of blunt trauma and lacerations is like no other sport.

2) The players. The players we’ve had the chance to meet and work around are a lot like firefighter’s. A fire station is a very special place, and a professional hockey locker room is very similar. Our group enjoys being around that type of environment, and working with that group of professionals.

3) The Sports-Med staffs. As fire based EMS paramedics, we can appreciate a commitment to EMS excellence, and Emergency Medical Preparedness. The Sports-Med staffs of professional hockey have a similar commitment to provide the very best EMS care for their teams, and it’s very rewarding for us to work with such a great group of professionals.

Since 2014 professional hockey’s experienced 2 game time cardiac arrest events. Both players survived their event neurologically intact. The response and treatment provided by the Sports-Med team’s during these events contributed to the positive outcomes of both patients.

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Our Paramedics

Arizona Coyotes

Head Paramedic:
Rick Garner
Asst. Paramedic:
Dave DeLisa
Asst. Paramedic:
Brad Leakey
Asst. Paramedic:
Jon Heck
Asst. Paramedic:
Marty Munoz
Asst. Paramedic:
Troy Caskey

Arizona State University

Head Paramedic:
Dave DeLisa
Asst. Paramedic:
Joe Meier
Asst. Paramedic:
Rick Randal
Asst. Paramedic:
Eric Weightman
Base Hospital:
Banner University Medical Center Phoenix (BUMCP)
Base Hospital Pre - Hospital Coordinator:
Sara Latham, RN, BSN (BUMCP)
Base Hospital Medical Director:
Dr. Steve Reinhart DO, Emergency Medicine (BUMCP)
Medical Director of Education:
Dr. John Gallagher MD, Medical Director Phoenix Fire Department

Our Instructors

Board Certified Emergency Medicine Physicians who specialize in sports EMS care.

Fire Based EMS Paramedics-First Responders who stand-by and provide the EMS care for the players during professional sporting events.

Sports Med Team Based EMS

The Strength of the Team is the Player and the Strength of the Player is the Team

Our Sports Med Team Based EMS training program improves the EMS skill set of each Sports Med Team member, while teaching the Sports Med Team to work together as one during medical emergencies. Firefighters and First Responders utilize this philosophy on a daily basis while responding to, and facing medical emergencies. This same concept is taught to Sports Med Teams using hands-on training sessions during specialized EMS scenarios. At the conclusion of the training, everyone has a role and knows the play.

EMS Training

Course Topics include

High Performance Resuscitation (HPR) Training for witnessed cardiac arrest
Advanced Airway Management
Spinal Stabilization and Hemorrhage control
Travel EMS - Management of In-Flight medical emergencies.

After a medical emergency happens is not the time to get prepared for it.

PSE Equipment & Gear

Emergency MEDKIT

$250.00 Plus Shipping Includes: Finger Pulse Ox, Glucometer, and Protocol Booklet

SportsBoard 7.0 with pins

$550.00 Plus Shipping

SportsBoard 7.0 package with pins

$750.00 Plus Shipping Includes: SportsBoard 7.0, Snap-in Head Block, Leg Immobilizer, and Set of Speed Clip Straps

Snap-In Head Block

$180.00 Plus Shipping

Leg Immobilizer

$50.00 Plus Shipping

Speed Clip Straps

$25.00 Plus Shipping

The PSE App

  • Emergency MEDKIT

MEDMAP is a unique mobile application that will assist Pro Sports ATC’s, Team Physicians, and other Healthcare Professionals while they are on the road and traveling with their team.

MEDMAP will help the medical staff manage the healthcare needs of both their athletes, and traveling party. While on the road, an ATC or Team Physician will frequently need to locate the Hospital and 24 hour Pharmacy closest to the arena, or stadium they are visiting. The MEDMAP APP will allow the healthcare professional to find this critical information without delay. MEDMAP currently provides assistance with all NHL, NFL, NBA, MLB, and Division 1 College Bowl Game venues.

On your mobile device MEDMAP will quickly find and direct you to the closest Hospital Emergency Rooms, Trauma Centers, and 24 hour Pharmacies located close to the arena or stadium you are currently visiting. It provides a map, directions, distance, time of travel, and telephone contact information. In addition it provides healthcare providers with the option to request additional Hospitals, Trauma Centers or 24 hr Pharmacies be included in MEDMAP that are not currently listed.

The Emergency MEDKIT Program has been designed by Phoenix Fire Department Paramedics who have been working with Professional Sports athletic trainers (AT’s) since 1992. The initial Emergency MEDKIT provider course, and yearly refresher covers advanced EMS Protocols for the most common and extreme medical emergencies the AT might encounter with team members, or employees when 911-EMS resources are unavailable. Each AT that completes the initial MEDKIT provider course receives a customized Emergency MEDKIT which includes EMS equipment and Protocols. The prescription medications for the MEDKIT are not included and must be obtained from the AT’s team physician. Implementation and success of the MEDKIT program requires the following:
1) An AT/Team Physician working relationship similar to that of a Paramedic’s relationship with their Medical Director/Medical Control, and
2) The ability for the AT to contact board certified emergency medical direction in the event a medical emergency happens while the team is in-flight or on the team bus between cities.

The MEDKIT section of the PSE App which is free provides the user with an EMS treatment protocol for Cardiac Arrest. The PSE Premium section of the App provides the user with access to all of the MEDKIT’s treatment protocols; Chest Pain, Difficulty Breathing, Allergic Reaction/Anaphylaxis, Diabetic Emergencies, Narcotic Overdose, and Seizures. PSE Premium also provides access to EKG rhythm information, Drug profiles, a list of common oral medications, and the interactive patient documentation form which can be filled out, saved, and sent via email.

Current MEDKIT Providers

Your MEDKIT Refresher Link:

(an access code is needed to participate in the Emergency MEDKIT on-line refresher)

MEDNOTES is included with PSE Premium and provides AT’s, Team Physicians, and Health care Professionals with an area to make personal notes, save medical incident information, or have personal reminders that can be referenced later. The information contained in MEDNOTES is secure and can be saved, sent by email, and/or deleted if needed.

Game DayChamps

Community Outreach Program

What a great journey life is – In 2011 I was in Bandon Oregon on what my dad and close friend Dave call “The Bucket List Golf Tour” while in a small clubhouse I came across a picture of Mark Twain that included the following quote.

“Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things you didn’t do than by the ones you did do. So throw off the bowlines. Sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore, Dream, Discover”.

- Mark Twain

Mark Twain’s message that day has stuck with me, and I believe there was a reason I took the time to read it without just walking by.

Here I was on this golf trip of a lifetime and I realized there would have been great disappointment in my life if I hadn’t made the time to take this trip with my dad and close friend. I soon also realized I would be equally disappointed if I didn’t use the gifts and opportunities I had been given to help out some kids who could really use it. Kids and families that needed a break, a helping hand, whatever you want to call it. Devine Intervention. This message was a real game changer for me. It came through loud and clear. Make a Difference!

I remembered as a kid growing up and going to sporting events without a care in the world. The anticipation of the game, the crowd, the food, and the excitement! I remember chasing after foul balls with the smell of hotdogs and popcorn in the air so thick you could taste it. The pure excitement of being at the game and the possibility or dream of actually taking a piece of it home with you like a baseball or hockey puck, what a great feeling. So there it was, our focus would be to help some kids who could really use it to buy and those memories you will never forget. We want to bring those genuine smiles of excitement and adventure while providing those lifelong memories to some deserving young faces. How fun is that! Let’s give these kids and families the excitement of Game Day. Let’s have some fun and make some great memories. Let’s make a difference!

Game Day CHAMPS is a community outreach program that is focused on helping some of our youth deal with the adversity they are faced with. Adversity that may have presented itself through illness, personal loss, addiction, or some extreme physical challenges. It doesn’t matter. The bottom line is the adversity our champs are faced with were not self inflicted or deserved, it’s just the hand they have bean dealt. These kids and families need an opportunity to have some fun, and to get excited. We would be privileged to help these special people get there.

There is no way we could do this alone. Our Game Day CHAMPS Community Partners will be playing a key role in making this all happen. We have been extremely fortunate to be connected with some incredible youth programs who are focused on helping kids deal with the difficult situations they are in. These individuals, businesses, and hospitals are shining stars in the community, and their kids are the real champions. If we can assist these special people in getting some of their kids and families to a pro sports venue to see a game, have fun, get excited, and just get away from their current situations for awhile then maybe we can make a difference in their lives. That’s our goal, and we believe anything is possible.

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