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Pro Sports EMS Catalog

  • PRO SPORTS EMS SportsBoard 7.0

    • 84” X 20” X 2” Tapers from 20” wide (head) 18” wide (foot)
    • Weight: 21 lbs
    • 1000 lbs. Single patient weight capacity
    • 14 Large ergonomic hand holds: 2” X 7.5”
    • Center leg opening for the option to secure legs individually
    • 100% X-Ray translucent between the hand holds
    • Uses the snap in PRO-LITE Head immobilizer
    • Seamless design to prevent cross– contamination and easy sterilization
    • Designed to accommodate athletes in full gear
    Price: 800PSE-P Pro Sports Board with Pens: $500.00
  • PRO SPORTS EMS Head Immobilizer

    It's a snap to install the Pro Lite® Head Immobilizer. It's made exclusively for the PRO SPORTS EMS / Pro Lite® spine boards. It’s fast, simple and effective. Snap it on and snap it off. The base plate is made of a HDPE high-density molded plastic that is impervious to fluids. Closed cell foam construction of the pillows and straps provides excellent support and comfort to the patient. Plastic coating is waterproof and cleans and disinfects easily. The pillows have large ear holes to aid in monitoring patient’s blood loss or fluid drainage. No metal parts are used in any of the components. The entire set up weighs less than 2 pounds. The Pro Lite® Head Immobilizer may be stored while attached to the backboard. If removing the head immobilizer from the backboard, pop the side out first. Do not pull back on the top to remove.

    Price: 717HI-O Head Immobilizer: $160.00
  • PRO SPORTS EMS Leg Immobilizer

    Make sure your athlete is secured from head to toe with our quick and easy leg immobilizer.

    Price: 717LI-O Leg Immobilizer: $42.00
  • PRO SPORTS EMS 4 Speed Clip Straps

    Constructed of 2" white polypropylene, each strap is a 2 piece 5' section that attaches with a Loop Lock™ system. The straps connect with 2" plastic side release double adjusting buckles.

    Price: 700DSC-PSE 4 Speed Clip Straps: $20.00
  • PRO SPORTS EMS Sports Board Package with Pins

    1-Pro Sports Board with Pens, 1- Head Immobilizer, 1- Leg Immobilizer, 1 Set of 4 Speed Clip Straps.

    Price: 800PSE-P-PKG Sports Board Package with Pins: $715.00

    1- Customized Emergency MEDKIT with "Your Name" or "Your Teams Name" embroidered on it. 1- Emergency MEDKIT Protocol Book, 1- Adult O2 Mask, 1- Glucometer with test strips, 1- Finger Pulse Oximeter, and 2- Oral Glucose Jell Packs. 

    Price: 900PSE-MK: $225.00

For orders with shipping outside the Continental United States please contact Pro Sports EMS directly at info@prosportsems.com