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The MEDKIT APP is designed specifically for those ATC’s that have participated in and successfully passed the PRO SPORTS EMS Emergency MEDKIT Provider Course. Current MEDKIT Providers will have the ability to download the MEDKIT Protocols and receive updates on their mobile device. In addition within each MEDKIT protocol the user will have access to MEDNOTES where information can be entered, saved and sent via email if needed.

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Course Overview

The Emergency MEDKIT Provider Course has been designed for Athletic Trainers that desire to learn more about advanced EMS Protocols for ATC’s. All MEDKIT Protocols have been designed to assist the ATC in providing emergency medical care to team members and employees when emergency medical care is immediately necessary, and 911/Paramedic level care is not immediately or readily available.

Examples: When your team is on a bus between games, or at 35000 feet between cities on a charter aircraft.

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                                        February 2, 2013: The MLB Los Angeles Dodgers                                                                                            

                                      September 20, 2014:  The NBA Houston Rockets

                         MEDKIT REFRESHER COURSE UPDATE: JUNE 15th, 2015 San Antonio, Texas

The Emergency MEDKIT Program has been designed by Phoenix Fire Department Paramedics who have been working with ATC’s in the Pro Sports EMS arena since 1992. The initial Emergency MEDKIT Provider Course, and yearly refresher covers advanced EMS Protocols for the most common and extreme medical emergencies the ATC might encounter with team members, or employees. Each ATC that completes the initial Provider Course is provided with a customized Emergency MEDKIT which includes EMS equipment and Protocols. The prescription medications for the MEDKIT are not included and must be obtained from the ATC’s Team Physician. Implementation and success of the MEDKIT Program requires an ATC/Team Physician working relationship similar to that of a Paramedic's relationship with their Medical Director/Medical Control. Always remember: “Do No Harm”

List of Professional Hockey Teams who have participated in The EMERGENCY MEDKIT Program.

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