"Where Pro Sports meets EMS on the cutting edge"


MEDMAP is a unique mobile application that will assist Pro Sports ATC’s, Team Physicians, and other Healthcare Professionals while they are on the road and traveling with their team.

MEDMAP will help the medical staff manage the healthcare needs of both their athletes, and traveling party. While on the road, an ATC or Team Physician will frequently need to locate the Hospital and 24 hour Pharmacy closest to the arena, or stadium they are visiting. The MEDMAP APP will allow the healthcare professional to find this critical information without delay. MEDMAP currently provides assistance with all NHL, NFL, NBA, MLB, and Division 1 College Bowl Game venues.

On your mobile device MEDMAP will quickly find and direct you to the closest Hospital Emergency Rooms, Trauma Centers, and 24 hour Pharmacies located close to the arena or stadium you are currently visiting. It provides a map, directions, distance, time of travel, and telephone contact information. In addition it provides healthcare providers with the option to request additional Hospitals, Trauma Centers or 24 hr Pharmacies be included in MEDMAP that are not currently listed.

For documentation purposes, it also provides a MEDNOTES section under each MEDMAP Hospital and Pharmacy listing. This provides ATC's, Team Physicians, and Healthcare Professionals with an area to make personal notes about the medical incident for later reference. The information contained in MEDNOTES can be sent via email, saved, and deleted if needed.